The workshop shown below will be held at the Fortezza da Basso on May 5 (Monday). Participation in this workshop is free of charge, thanks to the contribution of MathWorks. However, the workshop allows only limited number of participants. Those who want to join the workshop, please register by sending an e-mail to the address
Because space is limited, we recommend delegates register early.

MathWorks workshop

Monday, 5 May 2014, 14:00-17:30

Going Beyond Simulation:
Connecting MATLAB to Low-Cost Hardware for Real-Time Experiments

Speakers: Houman Zarrinkoub and Ric Losada
Time: 14.00–17.30
Location: Ottagonale room

In this session, you will learn how to develop signal processing algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink and connect to low-cost hardware to process “real-world” signals. You will learn how to perform real-time signal processing on the desktop, with examples from audio, wireless communications, and computer vision applications. You will also learn how to easily transfer your algorithms to supported hardware platforms and verify that the signal processing can be implemented correctly on hardware.

In this presentation, we feature multiple applications and use cases,including:

- Wireless connectivity to USRP® and RTL-SDR for software-defined radio experiments
- Computer vision with webcam connectivity and prototyping on hardware such as Raspberry Pi
- Audio applications with low-latency audio processing on desktops and prototyping on ARM Cortex-M

Through demonstrations, we showcase the entire workflow that enables you to setup labs and experiments independently and facilitate your research and teaching projects.