Classical Music Concert by Gli Archi Del Cherubino

Gli Archi del Cherubino
Ruggero Allifranchini Violin
Fabio Bagnoli Oboe
Judith Hamza First concertmaster

Antonio Vivaldi : From "The ordeal of harmony and dell'inventione "/da "Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’inventione"

The Four Seasons

The Spring : Concert in E Major for violin, strings and harpsichord :
Allegro- Largo - Allegro

The Summer: Concert in G minor for violin, strings and harpsichord :
Allegro non molto , Allegro- Adagio - Presto

The Autumn: Concert in F Major for violin, strings and harpsichord :
Allegro- Adagio molto -Allegro

The Winter: Concert in F minor for violin, strings and harpsichord :
Allegro non molto - Largo -Allegro
A. Marcello / J.S. Bach: Concert in D minor for oboe strings and basso continuo.
Andante e Spiccato-Adagio-Presto

A. Piazzolla: Oblivion for oboe and strings

A. Vivaldi: Concert in C Major Op.VIII n.12 for oboe strings and basso continuo.

Gli Archi del Cherubino

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The orchestra was born in L'Aquila June 1, 2007 as an idea by Judith Hamza as a place and opportunity for collaboration between young musicians and well-known professionals. From 2007 to date the orchestra has performer more than 120 exhibitions, working with internationally renowned artists such as Gemma Bertagnolli, Vanni Moretto, Oscar Ghiglia, Enrico Dindo, Ruggero Allifranchini, Marco Rogliano, Massimo Giorgi, Angelo Persichilli, Fabio Bagnoli, Maria Fabiani, Cecilia Gasdia, Carlo Goldstein. The group proposed the execution of concerts with programs ranging from Classical Baroque repertoire through to execution of works by contemporary artists, some of them written specifically for the orchestra. He has also given way to some of its members, even younger, to play solo parts of particular importance. The orchestra is annually invited to take part in the concert season of the Concert Society “Bonaventura Barattelli” of L'Aquila and is a regular guest on the concert season organized by Harmonia Novissima at the ”Teatro dei Marsi” in Avezzano (AQ, Italy) and by the Philharmonic Society of Ascoli. The orchestra has also performed in prestigious venues including the Great Hall of the University "La Sapienza" in Rome, the “Teatro Lauro Rossi” in Macerata, the “Oratorio del Gonfalone” and the Auditorium of the St. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. In 2009, the complex has made a tour host of the International Festival "Zilele Muzicale" Tg. Mures (Romania). From 2010, the first violinist of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (Minnesota, USA), Ruggero Allifranchini, was appointed Honorary President and Artistic Coordinator of the “Gli Archi del Cherubino Musical Association”. The Orchestra collaborated with the complex voice "Festina Lente" of Rome. Amadeus, well-known magazine specialized in music, devoted to the complex a wide space on the June 2009 issue of its magazine. On June 2011, orchestra has recorded for Vatican Radio, the concert carried out as part of “Sutri Beethoven Festival” which will be broadcasted soon by the BBC.